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Premium Nutritional Supplements

International Wellness Pack

Get 6 of LiveGood’s BEST SELLING PRODUCTS all in one pack, for one low price with FREE SHIPPING.

You will receive one of each of the following products:

  Bio-Active Complete Multi Vitamin – for Men or for Women

  Vitamin D3-K2 2000

  Ultra Magnesium Complex

  Organic Super Greens

  Organic Super Reds

  Factor 4 Anti Inflammatory


Important:  You may order the International Wellness Pack by itself or with other products.  If you order alone, you will pay nothing for shipping.  If you order with other products, you will not be charged for shipping the International Wellness Pack, however the other products will have shipping charges per usual.  If you are outside of the United States, your International Wellness Pack will be shipped from our international warehouse in Germany.  Any and all additional products will continue to be shipped from our headquarters in Florida, USA.



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