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Complete Plant-Based Protein

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LiveGood’s Complete Plant-Based Protein is designed to be the ULTIMATE Protein Supplement on the market, giving your body the MAXIMUM amount of nutrition with the best ingredients on the PLANET!

Pea Protein – One of the most complete sources of plant protein on the planet, pea protein contains ALL NINE of the essential amino acids the body needs and also has branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s), including arginine which is good for the heart and promotes the flow of blood throughout the body. To add to its benefits, pea protein is also high in iron and low in fat!

Organic Hemp Protein – Packed with antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and heart-healthy unsaturated fats, hemp protein helps protect the heart, maintain lean body mass, rebuild and restore muscles and joints, and even helps to maintain brain function! In fact, hemp protein promotes energy, may help boost the immune system, and is becoming a go-to protein for weight management, even helping with inflammation!

Fermented Protein – Protein, like all nutrients, is only as valuable as your body can digest it. Unfortunately many proteins on the market are not readily digestible, meaning that you are not getting the full benefit of the protein in the product. Not only does our carefully selected Fermented Pea Protein help the body maintain healthy digestion, but all the harmful bacteria and anti-nutrients often found in other products on the market have been removed to give you the cleanest, most healthy protein available anywhere!

Amino Acids – Amino Acids play a role in almost every system throughout your body. They assist in the creation and growth of muscles, connective tissues, and skin. They help to maintain muscle tone and tissue strength. They help with muscle healing and repair. They help to provide energy to your body. And they even help to promote healthy digestion. Without amino acids, your entire body’s health could be at risk. And no product has higher quality amino acids than this!

Much more than just Protein!

On top of the highest quality, best performing proteins on the planet, our benefits don’t end there! We’ve packed this product with 26 Vitamins and Minerals essential to your body’s health. With everything from Vitamin B for energy production, Iron for building muscle, and even Iodine for metabolism, our Complete Plant-Based Protein POWERS your body in more ways than any other protein on the planet!

As if the benefits weren’t exciting enough, our delicious vanilla flavored powder can be mixed with water or blended with your favorite smoothie, for a healthy supplement to your diet any time of day!

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