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Organic & Sustainable Lifestyle in Panama and The USA

Welcome to my sanctuary at PanamaLiveGoodonaFarm, where I personally invite you to join me on a holistic journey toward well-being. Nestled in the serene mountains of Panama, my farm is a haven for those seeking a self-sufficient and organic lifestyle. Operating in various areas, I am dedicated to fostering health and wellness, offering a range of services from 1 on 1 Health & Wellness Coaching, immersive permaculture experiences, and the exclusive LiveGood Membership.

Explore the lush landscapes of my farm, where the integration of permaculture principles and sustainable living practices creates an environment unlike any other. From fresh, organic produce to immersive experiences that transcend traditional health and wellness approaches, PanamaLiveGoodonaFarm is more than a destination—it's a philosophy of living in harmony with nature. Join me on this transformative journey as I empower individuals to embrace a holistic lifestyle for lasting well-being.

At the core of PanamaLiveGoodonaFarm is my dedication to personalized service and quality offerings. My commitment extends beyond conventional practices, with a focus on dementia clients, distinguishing me as a leader in holistic health services. With a background in real estate investment and a successful transition to a natural and holistic farm lifestyle, I bring a unique blend of expertise to guide you on a path to optimal health. I invite you to be part of my community, where every aspect is tailored to nurture your well-being, enhance your lifestyle, and promote lasting health transformations.

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If you have any questions, doubts, or simply want to explore the possibilities of holistic living, I invite you to reach out. Your journey to well-being starts with a conversation. 

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